How to Bridge and How to Buy $ASHIB

Bridge using CEX

Here is a tutorial by illuminex:

Buy some $ROSE on CEX (

Go to Choose โ€œI want to bridge ROSEโ€.

2. Set up Consensus layer wallet.

3. Send $ROSE to your Oasis Walletโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠConsensus layer 4. Connect EVM wallet & Add Sapphire network configuration

How to Bridge from Binance Smart Chain to OASIS Sapphire Using Celer Bridge

Step 1: Swap BNB for wROSE on PancakeSwap

Visit PancakeSwap :

Make sure youโ€™re swapping BNB for wROSE. The official contract address for wROSE is 0x21c718c22d52d0f3a789b752d4c2fd5908a8a733.

Always double-check the contract address on CoinGecko to ensure youโ€™re using the correct one:

Step 2: Bridge wROSE from Binance Smart Chain to OASIS Sapphire

Go to Celer Bridge:

from: BNB chain, token wROSE to: OASIS Sapphire wROSE.

The process should take approximately 5โ€“10 minutes.

Step 3: Swap on Illuminex

Once your wROSE is in the OASIS Sapphire network, head over to Illuminex to swap:

For a smoother transaction, you might need to turn off the secure router and adjust the slippage settings.

Buy on Illuminex:

Contract Address: 0x8CA357e817a273a1d7cF8A0578eB2FA097838717

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