How to withdraw liquidity?

Illuminex is experiencing a frontend issue. Hence, we are in contact with them to correct this bug since it triggers the incorrect function. However, this does not impact the functionality of our staking protocol, which is operating smoothly.

1. Open the Explorer with the Contract Write Contract:

2. Connect Wallet

3. Scroll down to find the function titled “removeLiquidityROSESupportingFeeOnTransferTokens”.

4. Fill in the Function: Carefully complete the function fields according to the provided template or instructions relevant to your transaction.

Token address: ($ASHIB CA): 0x8CA357e817a273a1d7cF8A0578eB2FA097838717 Liquidity: YourAmount, click + and choose 10^18 AmountTokenMin: 0 AmountRoseMin :0 to(address): Your Wallet deadline: UNIX timestamp” Get UNIX timestamp

5. Sign the Transaction

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